Founder/Inventor - Mr. Paul Wildum, Sr. - Cine 60
Mr. Paul Wildum, Sr.
Founder of Cine 60, Inc.

Mr.Wildum, Sr. Inventor of the battery belt used for Portable lighting/Cameras U.S. Pat. No. 3274476 A man becomes known by his works' is a familiar refrain. None is better known than Mr. Wildum, the founder of Cine 60 in New York, the inventor of the universally-used fiberglass blimp and the power-belt. These two items alone have endeared him to professional camera-men coast to coast. These two products of an inventive and fertile mind have made filmmaking more flexible-have helped to carry it outdoors and given it vistas it didn't have before. Originally Paul Wildum, arrived from Germany as an expert on the Arriflex cameras, since becoming very popular. He was a kind of one-man repair facility. A battery means different things to different people. To some it lights up a whole city, to others it powers industry, runs transport, is involved in all facets of civilized living. It even flashes light into dark corners of your closet or living room. To Mr. Wildum it means light-weight power than can be comfortably carried in a belt around one's waist. Specifically it means power that can be used for a Motion Picture camera, Portable HMI/SUNGUN, thus making its use professional, practical, flexible,  omni-present. CINE 60 in NEW YORK where it all began.... 

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Vidal has over 15 years experience in the Motion Picture Industry - 

  • Portable Lighting Systems ( LED, HMI, Kino)
  • CINE 60 Power Paks/Belts for Film, Video, Lighting
  • Angenieux, Zeiss, Canon, Nikon Lenses
  • ARRI, Panavision, RED, Cine Magic
  • Cables, Camera & Lighting Filters